Lulu N

When your calling calls you. Answer the call and be of service to it. Knowing and being open minded enough that when it gets uncomfortable,  you will have to innovate. While staying in touch with your identity. 

I am being of service to my purpose through this platform. To add value, and drive IMPACT. To simplify Tech trends in the best possible way. While helping you do some Investing and Innovation.

Everything I do is in pursuit of finding my feet standing firm in fulfilling a purposeful, sound and impactful lifestyle.

So welcome to InsightsbyLulu N network. This is an Impactors platform & those who inspire to be Impactors. 

The best Consultancy & Advisory network that is specializing in Impact Investing, Innovation, & Tech trends and tools.

Lulu N

Adding Value. 📈 Impactor at doing 🌎. Innovator at 💙 and Tech tools plugger 👩🏽‍💻