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Hey Impactors, we are on part II of Protips series. Todat we tackle Start Ups ProTips. It is what we believe can help start up innovate and remain sustainable.

If you missed part I, where we unpacked Corporate ProTips. Do visit the link below for a quick catch up.

Let’s get into it. Start ups are at the forefront of growing the country’s economy. However each start up is faced with different factors that hinder its growth. That being ; remaining competitive in the market that constantly evolves. Skilling its individuals to match the needs of the market. Product development and sustainability.

Some StartUps do not fail because the idea was not good, or the product was not good. StartUps fail because there was no sense of urgency in elevating into developing the product further. While founders look for the “next big thing” that will change the world often forget that, what might be looked small can evolve into reaching a wider market. Hence when we speak about innovation. We do not only speak about the technological and digital changes. We speak about organization’s change of structure, product for a selected clientele, organization’s positioning.

Do you have a Start up non-profit or profit company?

Well, If your answer is Yes. Then in this next decade. In order for you to fit into the market and penetrate it further. You probably need to look at , what can this Start Up be in the future. What can it further service other than its foundation now. In that way, you are navigating in growing and innovating the StartUp you are into or initiate in starting. At the back of your mind you must always have this mind set. You are setting a focus of not just having a “startup”.

I run a Start Up network, A network that drives and promotes holistic wellness, sound mind and nourished soul. I say Start Up now, because it is only turning 2 years old. I know at the back of my mind that in future. We will not only promote but be something more than just that. There is space for innovation. A space that allows us to tap into sustainability.

The key question for any StartUp is to ask these two questions.

What is its sustainability? Can this product be developed and increase the networth of the business?

We all know, StartUps grow the economy. How is your StartUp going to hire new talent if it will not operate at a sense of urgency to grow its networth and turnaround time?

These are the key Protips you need to look at in your StartUp. Whether you have one or whether you initiate on having one.

  • Build Solid Foundation
  • Acquire soft skills
  • Measure its sustainability
  • Develop the product range
  • Diversify
  • Be open to innovation of the organization structure and digital communication
  • Always tell an authentic story

Thank you for clicking up here. Trust you enjoy. All the best in your StartUp.

Stay tuned for more Protips!

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Lulu N a young woman whose heart and work ethic is set on Purpose, Impact and Innovation.

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