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Hey impactors,

Welcome to my network. You just clicked in at the right time. Commencing with the protip series, in helping one innovate/elevate to fit into the market. In this article, we focus mainly on the Corporate world. The ever so demanding, and to some a place of growth.

I often feel really disappointed when one looks down on Corporate individuals. I mean, there is absolutely nothing wrong in aspiring to be a genius in Corporate. That is still an ambition. We cannot all be founders or go after entreprenuership. In fact, entreprenuers start up from Corporate. They started at a 9-5 job. Some used a certain percentage of their 9-5 to build the brands and businesses they have right now.

We honestly have really different outlook on life. That are shaped and caused by our present circumstances. In the sense that, one has to deal with immediate and emergency matters. It is a factor of, am getting this 9-5 to make my own money, am getting this 9-5 to finance my purpose/dream, am getting this 9-5 because it is my dream/desire, or am getting this 9-5 because I have to build at home. Lastly one would say am getting this 9-5 to finance my studies.

In all these listed circumstances, they are all powerful and meaningful. Which leads me to this first protip for everyone in Corporate.


You have probably had that so many times, Forge meaning. In the sense that, no matter what your Why & What is. Forge meaning. Out of you working and climbing the corporate ladder. Let be something you can really point, something tangible. You coming out with. Do not pay attention to the noise. Do not pay attention to what kind of corporate world you are in. Whether you at the front desk, whether you are loading data, whether you are in a better position in that corporate world. Yours is to Forget Meaning.


“we end up working in jobs we dont want, we end up doing what we dont like ”

This quote, its very popular. That has many depressed and frustrated. I can only imagine how depressing it is. Going everyday to a place thats taunting and weighs you down. Unfortunately this is what most South Africans are faced with. Leading me to my protip 2, that being Forge Growth. I must highlight though, if you do not do tip one. There’s no way you can be able to forge growth. You cannot forge growth where there is no meaning.

When you know the meaning, you navigate better. You will know what kind of personal development do you need, what kind of professional development do you need, what kind of social life are you setting up, what kind of investsment do you need.

Now forging growth from a placing of knowing. In acting torwards what you lack. Whether it is taking a certain percentage of your salary to build your brand. Or taking certain percentage into savings. Taking online courses that are aligned with your path and where you want to go. In that way, you are forging growth.

Protip 3 : Innovate/Elevate

Now, there is no way that one does not advance themselves. As I said earlier, there’s massive retrentments happening. Guess what, they won’t stop because employers too. Want to make things easier for themselves. Technology trends are influencing the markets hard.

So now, as you are in corporate. What skill are you adding? Or you are afraid, not sure, upskilling is not your thing?

Upskill, Upskill, Upskill!!!

Thank you for clicking by, if you would like to innovate but not sure how to navigate. Do pop me an email.


Lulu N


Lulu N a young woman whose heart and work ethic is set on Purpose, Impact and Innovation.

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