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Protips series |Innovate to Fit into the Market

Hey impactors,

So, I thought I should navigate you in how and what to do in elevating your career to fit into the current market. A lot has changed, with regards to how we put ourselves at the forefront. Not only that, but how we then make ourselves be in “demand” in a market that constantly changes.

The bitter truth is in doing something for years. And still not see progress or access to what you doing. Or you could be studying and elevating your professional career and still see no progress in that certain field for you.

The gist is that, everything has absolutely changed. Everyone needs to innovate/evolve and see what they are “offering” at a completely different angle. That being, doing an honest introspection on, is what Am doing relatable, authentic, accessible to my target. Does it help anyone, does it inform anyone or does it change perception.

A brand

is someone who loves a certain subject & speaks or write about it. Later receiving and income through that.

A brand in this country has so much to use. However very limited resource and a hike in data. That being a barrier, there’s thin line in making sacrifices in creating and releasing their body of work. Whether be it visuals , written content, and audio. I get it, i get it. You desire big media coverage. You want it all.

If you havent been paying attention, also “established media” scout out and is making content/media coverage on whats already been built on. On already whats been established.

Which leads me to 1 pro tip for anyone eager in building a brand or being the brand. Is that having a solid idea of “what your brand is” finding where each target is at and what they do will help you in evolving. Making use of web series episodes, youtubechannel episodes, blog link, linkedin profile, Facebook & twitter. Being actively about your “offering” and growing that. We are much fortunate on the other hand as Brands, with the use of digital communication.

That we are not limited to what we can create, produce for our socials. We are in control of our brand voice and how often will individuals see our brands.

I hear someone reading this post, and thinking to themselves. Well I dont have resources!!.

There will never be enough resources for a Creative.There will never be.

Perhaps the another person asks, “I have limited data a month, how do I then create my brand voice consistently”

Well, am sure you have Facebook right. May you start by creating page and monetize itπŸ™‚ I get it, I get it. You are too classy, your audience is not on Facebook. Guess what we all start from somewhere. A year ago I started with just a one page blogging site.

It was not my desired one. But I knew my passion is at the center of creating, helping individuals navigate their brands. At heart I knew am an impactor. And I had to start somewhere. So do you, its difficult building a brand. But its beautiful seeing it growing impactfully so.

You are into Finance, You are into Tech, You are into Beauty, You are into Health & Fitness, Are you into Education & Personal Development, Are you into Business, Are you into Mining, Are you into Environment & Nature conservation?

Well this series will help you in elevating your career to fit into the current market. Stay tuned. Grap paper and pen. Do note that the pro tips will be uploaded on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.


Lulu N


Lulu N a young woman whose heart and work ethic is set on Purpose, Impact and Innovation.

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