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Hey Impactors,

As promised, this week I will be simplifying all the top 5 tech trends. I shared with you on my previous post

If you are new to my network. Welcome! It is good to have you. Now let’s get down to the business. Which is breaking down these two trends. ACCESSIBILITY and DATA ETHICS/PRIVACY. I thought I should explain these two on the go since they pretty much go together.


I have listed this as a tech trend, one of the key things for individuals and businesses to look out for. I say individuals because it does not exclude anybody. Whether you are employed or unemployed. The key is how you make yourself ACCESSIBLE for potential employer or potential opportunity. If you are employed the key is how you make use of ACCESS you already have to build and sharpen your talent/ability.

As a business, how then now do you create easy ACCESS for your products and services. Nobody wants to hustle to get the product they want. No one wants to first look at the looong paragraph about your product. Nobody wants to go the long route in getting the product you are offering. Or else they will decide to go somewhere else. Nobody wants to go through long processes. Therefore every business that includes the top businesses, the one’s who have been in the game for so many years. They still strive to create easy ACCESS for their products and services.

Big businesses have completely evolved in how they even introduce themselves. That being their brand voice. It is for that reason, that today right now. I advice startups or YOU if you are building a brand. Be able to introduce it in 3 or 5 words.

Also seeing an opportunity and filling a gap in the differently abled people by introducing devices that makes their lives better than before. There is still huge amount of work to be done, still more innovation needed to close the gap. That needs innovators, creators who will constantly come up with ways and technologies in enhancing the lives of the blind, deaf, etc to be better. That they will too feel they belong.

It is for all those reasons that accessibility fell in my top 5 tech trends for 2020. That there are individuals and innovators taping into the market to make the lives of the differently abled bettter.

Not only that, but for YOU too. Who wants to put your career/abilities and desires out there. You who strive for Access, Access, Access.

Data Ethics and Privacy

Perhaps you were thinking about data the one you load on your phone after airtime purchase. Nope. We are not speaking about that one. Data ethics referes to responsible and sustainable use of data. It is about doing the right thing for people and society. Data being facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis. As defined by google dictionary.

Now you need to look at it this way, what you put out there and what you share. That is data. Now in this new era, with cyber bullies. The organizations are getting more concerned about the protection of personal data. Not only organizations but us , individuals. With the increase in digital communication everyone must now be skeptical. Think before doing. Think before publishing, think before clicking.

Young innovators are seeing this as an oppoturnity to study further cybersecurity. Which will be a need now and going further.

Side note: Do not trust anyone with your personal information. Keep your files locked!!

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