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This week marks the start of breaking down one by one. The Global Tech Trends I shared on my previous post. Under heading Aligining for Global Tech Trends 2020. I will simplify every trend the best way I can. So it becomes relatable and understandable to you. I believe all these Tech trends affects us directly and indirectly.

If you missed the list of Global Tech Trends. Here’s the link below.

Faster and Responsive Wireless Network | 5G

There is an undeniable increase in startups and the use of internet in this age. That we “meet” “connect” on the web. Whether its promoting products, show casing talents, keeping up with friends, job hunting and all.

It is for that reason, that we saw the launch of 5G network. 5G is the fifth generation of wireless stystem. That allows mobile devices to operate effeciently and faster without connecting to the WiFi in your home or office.

5 G

As I said, there is nothing as frustrating as slow internet. Especially when you have limited data to get done with what you want to send or consume. It is absolutely a win for us, creators, innovators, startups to reach our clientele faster in promoting our products and services. Because we cannot hide from the fact that, whatever work we do. Oe whatever work you do. There is marketing and advertising needed.

Which brands and Devices have 5G ?

Samsung and Nokia are among the brands that have adopted and implimented the 5G networks in their latest smart phone devices. Well, if you have an older version. There is a method you can use to upgrade your 4G to 5G. Just pop me an email for that. Anyway, 5G is approximately 3 times faster than 4G. Besides these brands adopting into 5G. A South African Brand, Rain has also implemented 5G for home bein active in some parts of Gauteng. You can purchase Rain simcard online.

Whether you are in it or not, digital communication is growing day by day. How one makes use of it is important in communicating to their desired audience or clientele. All you need to know is technology trends and algorithms to communicate yourself productively in this digital transformation

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