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Aligning for Global Tech Trends | 2020

Hey Impactors!

It is an excting and a frustrating time. That things have turned in business and organization’s structures. Where technology and innovations is concerned. While some businesses/organizations and brands are trying to niple and pin point thier positioning and sustainability. Tech trends are hitting the market hard.

Re- Looking The Positioning

I am assuming you have a start-up business, or still initiating it in your mind. I am assuming you are a brand, or initiating on building one up. Perhaps you are an individual that is caught up in a company’s change of ecosystem and operations. Now your only thought is what now, where to and where are the OPPORTUNITIES for growth while increasing net worth.

Tech Trends 2020

Before you think about positioning. There are some cutting edge tech trends you need to be aware of. The one’s that are bringing transformation into the world. There’s no better way other than to gear yourself up.

Here are 5 Top Tech Trends you need to be aware of.

  1. Accessibility

For any business or organization, the core aim is to expand its clientele base while increasing sales. Making potential customers turn into regular sales. Not only sales but the visibility of the organization to be at the minds and face of potential clients.

We will see now how even big brands are using micro influencers to reach to every part of their desired audience. You will see how businesses have changed its culture and use of resources to create easy ACCESS for clients into their business. Whether that includes a developed website that will display the business’s potential for growth, investing, share price, change in management, CSI projects and its accreditations.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence(Al) in simple terms, its an intelligence demonstrated by machines. That the way in which they think and work is programmed like humans. An example would be speech recognition; which is Siri and Google Voice. Yeap that’s a product of Artificial Intelligence.

Now, you atleast have a green light of what is Artificial Intelligence. We have become so addicted to simplified lives. Where you want to purchase a product, looking for direction or you are just lazy to type in words. Al comes in now to close the gap in that market. As much as Al is complex and sound complex whenever we see it as a buzz word in the technology space. It however simplifies our lives and that of businesses especially in manufacturing and law.

3. Internet of Things/ Internet Deployment

How crazy it is that this transformation that’s taking place is as a result of human behaviour. Yes, it is due to what we react, navigate, like and drawn into that detects the technology transformation. As I said before, we want better things, advanced stuff, accessible and simplified things.

Have you noticed how frustrated you become when the internet is slow to load? You start restarting your phone all over again. Now they are launching 5G network for smart devices!

I know you may have not noticed, but when you purchased a device. Take note of what it is on the top right. Next to the battery notification tab. Right there you will see, maybe 3G or 4G loading. Now that’s what has been upgraded to 5G. For faster connection services and efficiency for businesses.

4. Digital Ethics and Privacy

The government, organizations and its associates are getting more worried about personal data protection. So am I, when it comes to digital ethics. How one conducts and builds a profile/community online. And how they protect that from vultures.

Don’t you find it very dusturbing that every part of you is right out there. Online, that one can easily pin point your where abouts, routines, spots and crucial information that can danger your life or career.

There are genuine instances, where one would share their resume. In search for vacancy not knowing they have shared their Identity Number with the whole world. Which could lead to identity theft.

5. Autonomous Devices

When we speak of autonomous devices, we speak of drones. Which are now a benefit in the agriculture and tourism industry. Not only drones but robots also. Which are changing the scene in the manufacturing field.

I want you to process all this basic information. As we get into the series of #SimplifyingTechForYou.

I trust that you are now enlightened with the terms before we break down each trend.

Thank you for reading up!

See you soon.

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