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Marking New Decade | To being Legendary

Reflecting on the past decade had really left me astonished, weeping, and thankful. It’s been full ten years since the loss of my brother. That today I find myself saying “bro you could have waited a little longer because it really gets better”. While having to find my feet and see how I narrate my own story/life. Today I am at a point of having so much gratitude. For life, healing, restoration and contentment. Not everything is in order. I still fumble, but different this time. Thankful that God saw me through in the toughest battles, challanges and troubles. He kept me still.

I’m fully submitting into the higher power. That I may continually work from the core of my being in expressing my purpose. Back at the writers seat in this platform trusting that it impacts and inspires everyone who comes across it to tap into their core too. Looking forward into being back again in doing projects that are aligned with my brand. That being, Purpose Impact Innovation and Technology.

While I take my advocacy work for Shifted Mind into a different cities and expanding it. I stand firm in not having other individuals who will say “bro I wish you could have waited a little longer”.. in feeling pity for themselves but rather will Shift thier narrative. That suicide wont take them too. But rather will fight through in seeing the fruits of their own labour. That every NEXT turned into there will be more strength and kindness.

A Happy New year Impactors!!

Lets mark this decade in doing impactful work.


Lulu N a young woman whose heart and work ethic is set on Purpose, Impact and Innovation.

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