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Did I fumble or stumble: Impact Investing

Did I fumble or stumble?

Hey impactor, it’s been good putting together the impact investing series. That at this point and time of the year comes the audacity to reflect and pin where 2020 should one theme theirs into. I have found myself asking whether did I fumble or stumble. On the gift of life that I have been graced with in this year. Besides its challenges and it’s hard lessons that it instilled on me.

In my line of creating value and impact, I have been thinking of where I should be at and what I could have done. Which opportunity I should have shot and how many lived I have impacted. I honestly undermined and just in doubt of where and how I have been of service all year round. Until I realized that , actually it’s been truly a year of impact. Whether I see it as small or start up phase of impact. But the main thing remains that I am of service to my purpose. Whether I am serving one person at a time. As long as that impact in them is of value. That’s it!

That I pin point 2020 in the theme of ABUNDANCE, VALUE, FIRMNESS & Unlimited Impact. I still remain firm and steadfast in the saying “I do not want to create anything that won’t drive impact both for myself and others” That’s just it.

Impact or nothing at all. So back to the question I asked. Fumble or Stumble? Yes impactor, I have move forward in the midst of me fumbling. In the midst of stumbling I have been graced a way to still move Forward.

Even in December we remain steadfast of our values and integrity. Many thanks for reading up!!!

Enjoy time with loved ones!!!


Lulu N


Lulu N a young woman whose heart and work ethic is set on Purpose, Impact and Innovation.

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