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Google Latest Developments: Innovate or Sink

Google has been a solid brand that has been here for ages. That it constantly develops and taps into new markets. Moreover Google has a trusted and a reliable customer, clientele base. One may not have all the social media accounts. But surely one does use google every now and then. The question is in how and what does one makes out of Google resources. More especially startups and businesses that want to innovate to reach a wider clientele and in building its visibility.

The key frustrating, stressful and limiting factor is DATA. Especially in South Africa, it has become very expensive that one needs to think twice and actually plan on what they will be utilizing it for on Google or any other medium. Now Google has come into that market and brings in a solution by introducing fast free and open Wi-Fi to 125 Locations at Cape Town.

Enabling individuals from the included areas to access this Wi-Fi seamlessly. We know that Cape Town is one of the biggest cities in South Africa that dominates in technology driven organizations. It is an innovate start in heading into the direction of Inclusion. However I still want this initiative to reach other provinces more especially hubs that enable individuals to express their creative and innovative self.

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Google Rolls Out New Smartphone

Google has rolled out a new smartphone that comes with a 6.30-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1440 pixels by 3040 pixels at a PPI of 537 pixels per inch.

I have been asking myself, and ofcourse other tech and innovation enthusiast that; are they acting on leveraging on their data and engagement? Or are they tapping on new market to increase sales while innovating as a brand?

Google has been a brand, that has been around for years. Making individuals to trust the brand. I am honestly excited about their latest developments and keen in reviewing their smartphone. The features that it has and tricks and hacks around it.

You know, if big brands such as Google are innovating and tapping into new markets then what’s making you to shy away from adapting? Its either you innovate or sink. See how you develop your brand for sustainability and thus increasing sales. Plus not only as a brand but as an individual who is reading this article now.

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