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Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Hey impactor, not sure whether you are like me. You get irritated of earphones wires. That at some point they get all wrapped up untidy around the neck😏 Which makes them get damaged quickly and easily. Let alone that, some times you just want to listen to good music while your phone is far from you. The innovation of these wireless bluetooth earphones just came in at a right time. Convenient with good battery capacity. But in everything you buy more especially tech gadgets CHECK SPECIFICATION!! Just like you check expire date for food.

Wireless Bluetooth earphones

Important Specification

Honestly no one wants to spend their time at a tech shop reading specifications and understanding each one of them. But think of it as this way; how long do you want it to last. When it comes to these. For me the key specs to look put for was the battery capacity and the transmission distance. Battery capacity because a day doesn’t end without me putting earphones on. So I ddnt want something that won’t at least last me for a day. Secondly the transmission distance is important because of my lifesstyle. That is when am meditating I listen to good and relaxed meditation music. When I’m doing that I want my phone to be far from me so I can be in the moment without feeling the edge to press my phone. Thanks again to tech because I can just put a playlist that will play till the set time of my meditation. This 10m transmission distance serves me just fine. I still want other ones though.🀭🀣

The Design and Packaging

Before you even touch it, it just makes you want to look at it! That’s the packaging that drives potential clients the desire to purchase something. There are packages that just makes me cringe. While there are design and packaging that makes me to want to keep the box just forever or reuse it to something else. What I love about this packaging is the size of the box and how the product is packaged inside. Very protected and easy to open.

Looking forward to be using these now going forward. Will do a feedback later in the month on how it’s been treating me. For now, let’s just say it’s my favourite gadget. 🀭 Makes me even feel cool about myself. Say hello to the wireless earphones!!

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