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Innovation in African Markets

Hey impactor, its midweek and I have seen many looking at innovation at a complex way. That some when the word innovation pops up. One thinks of technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and so forth. It is absolutely beyond that. Relax, and really think of it as a process in which you want to improve and communicate better your products if you are a brand or for a business. It is firstly important when you think of innovating, you think of consumers reach, the market, the problem addressed, product and its area of dominance.

Is Innovation Affecting African Markets?

Let’s take 3 African Markets; that being of Beauty, Manufacturing, and Consulting,

Innovation should be the key identifier of each market. That provided its data analysis, Yes innovation will have an effect in how these three markets above operate in both increasing sales and brand sustainability. A step into questioning who is in the thought and execution process. What skill set they have, where is the target audience and how can the product reach the audience. Moreover what will make the potential client choose what you are of service to more especially as a startup.

Innovation in the Beauty market

Innovation in beauty market is in eCommerce if you are looking at the side of a supplier. Provided that your hosting site is user friendly, has all payment options, and provided that your logistics is solid in the ability to provide. Looking at it in the side of product development and design your packaging will play a part in brand attraction. Now, coming to curation of beauty content. Innovate in how you present product reviews and suggestions, the precision, consistency and authenticity.

Innovation in manufacturing market

I have worked at a manufacturing plant in my first years of working. That now reflecting and looking at it at an “owners” point of view. I’m enlightened that manufacturing needs to now innovate some have started. That we saw retrenchment affecting many family providers. But the manufacturing process had to change because its either your business adapts or dies. Now from a potential employee’s perspective you have to constantly upskill. Looking at short courses in robotics, automation, data analytics, product design provided that your ambition is in that direction. If big giants like google innovate both its products features and development. Then it is what it is. To innovate!

Innovation in Consulting market

Consulting is a big market, there’s are looking at management consulting, finance management consulting, strategy consulting. It all depends on the skill set. But there is a problem in client reach and growth when it comes to consulting. That businesses who are offering consulting they will be the engines of growing and developing these two above markets. In consulting will have to add data driven strategy and analytics to disrupt the markets.

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