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Moment of LIFT : Impact Investing

Hey impactor, it’s been a good time sharing some insights in impact investing. Looking ofcourse on personal development side. Getting your mind right on track. I am not sure what you have agreed to do impact investing on. Or you just really stretching your head and not figuring it out where exactly you are pin pointing your lifestyle at. That’s okay you just need to experience a moment of LIFT.

A Moment of LIFT

I had a moment of lift this past weekend. That which I never thought I needed. A moment of LIFT that assured me that representation matters. Siya Kolisi LIFTed the Welb Ellibes Trophy but ohw boy didn’t he just LIFT my soul and evoked my own greatness. That in me I was LIFTed to know I can. We Can and that’s just impactful.

I am intentionally connecting to be in a circle where there is a LIFT moment. It’s important that I(you) be in it to revive, assure and attract the Will power of possibilities. That assure you can be the one on the other side next time.

Doing some impact investing is the only choice and lifestyle. Knowing when it gets harder and seems blurry, you could still say ohw child I did some impact. I was lifted and I am LIFTing.

Its important that you then stay in connection with the feeling of knowing how it is to be LIFTing and LIFTed. Reason being; life happens, things change ambition changes, motivation changes and focus gets distracted.

may you continuously sense and actually be in a moment of LIFT

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Lulu N


Lulu N a young woman whose heart and work ethic is set on Purpose, Impact and Innovation.

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