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The Will Power: Impact Investing

Anything that’s aimed at generating impact. There’s a greater call for will power. For it to be executed, evaluated and increase in its ability than that of the starting point. I have been struggling with “will power” to execute some of the projects I have in mind. Also the will power in investing on some of the ventures I have interest in generating impact and coins on.

Will power can seem far fetched. That it’s thought and the burning desire to see impact can be overwhelmingly negative on the mind set. I have started being calm while working with the sense of urgency to enlarge where my steps are at. That applies to every aspect of my life. I have started re-evaluating where am I putting energy into and into whom and into WHICH business. Knowing and being aware that my will power will be tested and challenged to break and build at some point.

Just like a business needs a start up capital so does any other investment venture. So are you, the parts of your life that needs ground breaking change/work and ground breaking breakthrough. After all, everybody needs the WILL Power to channel and communicate their abilities and inner creative self.

But there’s a question, where’s the will power when I lack creativity?

Listen, learn to listen like listen. There’s a greater chance to evolve when listening. There’s a greater chance to channel and feel you heart beat reviving where you should head and which creative path should you take on. ” … i really don’t have the will or feel any will power so what’s the to channel and express?…”

Like really? There’s comfort in your bet worth now? That there’s nothing to channel? Perhaps that should be you key element in knowing that you ought express your abilities to its highest magnitude. Here I am writing about abilities in generating diverse income streams, personal growth, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and network building.

Get done and draw a line in not expressing yourself to yourself. Express yourself who you are in character, work ethic,finances , business, and in all things that have your presence. You owe it to YOURSELF to express and channel through your higher power. That even when your WILL power lacks, you still find it in your beats of your being the breath that will breathe upon the dead parts of your execution power.

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Lulu N


Lulu N a young woman whose heart and work ethic is set on Purpose, Impact and Innovation.

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