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Mindfulness: Impact Investing

“Continuously sense your presence” – Eckhart Tolle

When we do things out of “knowing” we execute better. Moreover, when we do things out of a “clear” and “sound” mind we do excellently and purposefully so. In this series of impact investing ,we start with getting your/our MINDFULNESS right. If you want to invest in anything and have it generate impact. Get your mindfulness together. Rub off yourself of hurry and the anxiety of not knowing where to draw direction and strategy from.

I can imagine how frustrating to have a pool of ideas and not knowing how to lay them bare one by one. I can imagine how it is to have skills and talent and cannot find a room for it to breathe. I can personally tell you this, I have had many ideas, some I have executed and they have dismally failed. Some I am yet to execute and some I have done well in executing them that they are successful.

That at this stage I am not afraid to lay them bare one by one. I am not afraid if one thing fails, I still have many of them that I need to lay bare. Someone may say oh well, I just need an idea to execute I have got the drive and the will power but I am not that strong in having ideas. What now then?

While someone else might say, oh well I have so many things I want to drive impact on but I just do not know how to pin point the starting point. Besides not knowing that but I have things I need to be clear of before heading into that direction.

While someone else might say, yes I am there but stuck to grow and develop further on what I have been doing. What now then, I know I am in a right direction but I need growth and massive impact.

Aha, that’s it. Everything I mean absolutely everything we ought to say and do must come out of a MINDFUL decision. More especially that of driving impact and investing. I mean you have time to LEARN, if you never gave yourself time to LEARN about where you want to plug in yourself then continuously do so. That way you are generating a mind that’s aware of the pool you are diving in.

By being mindful in starting with clear out just one. Only one element/value/note you live by. Once you figure this out you know that even if you are looking to plug yourself with others you know that everything should be aligned as per your element/note/value. This applies even on the third scenario listed above. That is, even when you have done some impact investing but looking to grow further. Your element/note/value will always be the determining factor of where you should go and desicions thereof.

If anyone knows me they know I am into development and most importantly anything that’s purposeful. That’s an element, that guides me too. That even if I were to put in money in something. I’d put it where there’s aim and purposeful work that can be MONITORED, EVALUATED and MEASURED.

“Exercise your mind to see what you need,when you have the will power. Exercise your hands to count what to start with ”

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Lulu N


Lulu N a young woman whose heart and work ethic is set on Purpose, Impact and Innovation.

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