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Finding the Core: Impact Investing

Does my hard work justify my level of impact investing?

Finding the core, in navigating through #impactinvesting. Today we are looking at what’s the core of your being with regards to personal growth and personal finances. I suppose you work hard at a 9-5, you work hard at your own startup or fighting the battle of receiving a constant income hustling. I have asked myself this question in the previous years and I have been pretty much hurt and eager to face the realities of it. That, really sometimes my hard work does not match my level of investing. Not just any investing but IMPACT INVESTING. That if I were to monitor and evaluate I’d have to be prepared to beat myself up.

That at times I had stretched out myself, forgetting that the body and the mind needs its impact investing more than I personally need a lot of break throughs I knock on some doors. I don’t know for you, you probably work to your core too that you feet can feel it. That you run up to the coffee machine to make coffee every 2 minutes because you have to meet the targets. Besides meeting the targets and having to work for that promotion your ambitious self needs to take care of “home” and buy the most basic needs for oneself.

Each and every month we have to look and reflect on ourselves. Now that I have put in the hard work, the body will be obviously exhausted and for one to continue pressing on they will need the same body physicality to do the work again. Finding the core where should one start on doing some impact investing is in the BODY. MIND & SOUL.

I use to work in a firm, working shifts. Ohw boy I’d come back and sleep all the time because I needed the sleep. The body needed to rest heavily. I realized that argh there’s absolutely no impact investing is done on my body that’s positive and healthy for this body to keep up and be active in its core. That I religiously made it a priority that each month I service it with something that it will appreciate. So I did and each time I felt great. But there was a thin line that of do exhaust my body to its core because I know there is a greater prize at the end of the month? Becuase I know I can book a massage session and have it relaxed. Or a long night chat with my friend to ease my mind and body?

Oh yeah that’s an old chat for some right? the mind this, take care of your mind , blah blah some positive thinking. Yes that’s it. One gets exhausted and uninspired really. Because they find themselves in a “pressed up zone” . That #impactinvesting is a myth for them and completely out of reach. That their level of focus is in CREATING rather than INVESTING. That their other focus is in seeing themselves out of the “pressed up zone”.

Hope in everything you do, you will always be mindful and think about how you are doing some #impactinvesting

Love Lulu


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Lulu N a young woman whose heart and work ethic is set on Purpose, Impact and Innovation.

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