Lets navigate through IMPACT INVESTING 

I have been looking forward to write and share ever since my blog has been updated. Thanks to my buddy journal who has been my ear to listen, well figuratively so. 


I have a lot to unpack and have been keen to share with you family. What’s been on my mind these past weeks has been on “IMPACT INVESTING”.  


Before you get really anxious, because  when we mention the words, “IMPACT & INVESTING” our heartbeat starts racing up. Because one quickly does the math that; whether are they impactful and are they investing in them being impactful.  It’s normal, more especially as we grow older we realize that there is a mark to be made. That mark doesn’t even need to be aired at times and doesn’t even mean it will reach to thousands. But simply about IMPACT that can be evaluated, measured, monitored, developed and rooted on the core of breaking a certain cycle. 

Imagine taking weight loss products and not evaluating it’s IMPACT,  imagine having R50 and not monitor where it goes and its IMPACT. Imagine knowing your skill and not developing and playing around it to find its core and what it can be when diversified.  


Well, I thought hard to myself that how can I continuously and intentionally evaluate and develop on IMPACT INVESTING. Reason being; it’s easy  to do impactful work but its difficult to invest in impactful work. Same goes to investing where you can be able to evaluate the change.


Over the years I have become okay with doing one part where I can see change and development. I have grown to know I’m? the diverse kinda girl, and that’s okay. Even when one idea fails I’m okay with that because there’s still more to execute and drive impact on. When the idea fail I know that I do not live with the guilt of seeing it coming into life. Tough pill to swallow. Its neccessary that we do just a random lifestye review. Yes at some point you’d wish you did better, said better, started better and became consistently  growing genius. That’s okay, we are here now. To evolve.

Everybody has the mandate to drive impact. But there’s still a thinking that needs to be cut down. A thinking that this IMPACT kinda lifestyle belongs to certain people and certain careers. What’s in your tongue? What’s in your hands? What’s in your will power? What’s in your cycle? Even the average, the laid back still holds the responsibilities to navigate through IMPACT INVESTING. Whether it be in their finances, business, 9-5, family, cycle, and all around their lifestyle. 


There’s more to unpack, we continue on the next blog post. Let’s navigate through. Grab and get your journal ready we are about to do some IMPACT INVESTING!



– health

– money management

– skill/talent/career development 

– mindfulness/thoughts

– wellbeing 


Looking forward to hear from you. I am a text away