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    Innovation Re-defined | Innovate

    Hey impactors, Many thanks for clicking by. You are the contributor of the success of this network. So as an appreciation I really thought I should re-define Innovation. Many are thinking of how they need to innovate during this time of the Corona Virus Pandemic. This article will aid your enterprise, organizatio, brand to forge innovation going forward. Innovation Re- difined Firstly, I really do not want you to be put off by the bif word “innovation“. If I could define to you innovation in simple and understandable way. I would difine as follows; Innovatiom is a way of structuring your products and services to be easier to use and…

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    8 Tools you need to check| SA Lockdown due to Covid-19

    Hey Impactors, It has been a really tough and challenging time across the world. But I really want to pin down some few tools you need to check before LockDown that commences on Friday. Firstly, remember to relax and stay calm. The stores that are providing the basic needs will remain open throughout Lockdown. There is absolutely no need for panic buying. Here’s a way to navigate the new change in lifestyle. Understanding that some have kids at home and the whole family in one house can be bit challenging. As behaviours change, while some are staying all alone. That too can be depressing. Get these Tools in Check Before…

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    5 Best Tools , Apps |You need When working remotely

    Hey impactors, The COVID-19 has hit the world in a way that is absolutely shocking. Affecting small businesses and freelancers badly. Both with financials and productivity. So I thought, as some businesses and individuals have started working remotely. I should pin down 5 toolkits and softwares that will assit in achieving productivity. 5 Tools You need For Productivity when working remotely First, you need a good internet connectivity for your day to day tasks and communication. Google Hangouts, Google hangouts allows co-workers to chat, video call and voice call. This tool will help in communicating with your co-workers. Applicable for both groups and one-on-one. Allowing individuals to share worksheet and…

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    Need Personal or Business Website | For these reasons

    Hey impactors, Thank you for clicking by. So I thought I should answer one of key questions. Which I get to be asked often. That being, when and why should one have a website. Lets start here first; Well, perhaps your why would be simply the desire of wanting to express your daily or weekly thoughts. Outside of your social media pages. Secondly, you want to expore your writing passion. Then thats a good “why”. Now you are on the right start. The next phase is to think of a domain name. That being the brand name. When you think of that, think about what would you like to be…

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    Robot Lerato Launch |By Global Robotics

    Hey impactors, Firstly, thank you for clicking by. Let’s get right into it. The first SA’s Waiter Robot called Lerato launches on the 27th March 2020. Robot Lerato will be launched by company called, Global Robotics. What will Robot Lerato Do? Robot Lerato is set to serve in the Hospitality Industry. As waiter in helping eliminate labour cost and ordering errors. Customers are to either use touch screen or verbally communicate with Robot Lee for orders. The touch screen is 10 inch in size and can carry orders as instructed. Its a Win for Owners & Bosses While it will be a win for owners in investing to purchase Robot…

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    The big Chunck in Manufacturing|

    Hey Impactors, Everyday we wake up to the news of retrenchments. As I write this article, after having read the possibility of another 1000 job losses in one of the key Manufacturing company in South Africa. I am taken back at the thought of anxiety it brings to its employees. Which further leads one to the big question. Is the advancement of technology and innovation the root cause? Firstly, unemployment is a major crises in South Africa specifically. Not that it is caused by the new tech and innovation. It is beyond that, now if we speak of another 1000 individuals lossing jobs more especially in manufacturing field in this…

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    Startups Protips | Innovate to fit into the Market

    Hey Impactors, we are on part II of Protips series. Todat we tackle Start Ups ProTips. It is what we believe can help start up innovate and remain sustainable. If you missed part I, where we unpacked Corporate ProTips. Do visit the link below for a quick catch up. https://insightsbylulun.com/index.php/2020/02/06/corporate-protips-innovate-to-fit-into-market/ Let’s get into it. Start ups are at the forefront of growing the country’s economy. However each start up is faced with different factors that hinder its growth. That being ; remaining competitive in the market that constantly evolves. Skilling its individuals to match the needs of the market. Product development and sustainability. Some StartUps do not fail because the…

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    Corporate Protips| Innovate to fit into Market

    Hey impactors, Welcome to my network. You just clicked in at the right time. Commencing with the protip series, in helping one innovate/elevate to fit into the market. In this article, we focus mainly on the Corporate world. The ever so demanding, and to some a place of growth. I often feel really disappointed when one looks down on Corporate individuals. I mean, there is absolutely nothing wrong in aspiring to be a genius in Corporate. That is still an ambition. We cannot all be founders or go after entreprenuership. In fact, entreprenuers start up from Corporate. They started at a 9-5 job. Some used a certain percentage of their…

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    Protips series |Innovate to Fit into the Market

    Hey impactors, So, I thought I should navigate you in how and what to do in elevating your career to fit into the current market. A lot has changed, with regards to how we put ourselves at the forefront. Not only that, but how we then make ourselves be in “demand” in a market that constantly changes. The bitter truth is in doing something for years. And still not see progress or access to what you doing. Or you could be studying and elevating your professional career and still see no progress in that certain field for you. The gist is that, everything has absolutely changed. Everyone needs to innovate/evolve…

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    Shifted Mind

    Shifted Mind is an organization that is at the center of driving and advocating for Holistic wellness, sound mind and a nourished soul. It is Shifted Mind’s goal to see individuals being sound. In a world that constantly making individuals to be clouded in their own thoughts. Shifted Mind believes in bringing awareness on meditation , embracing the present moment and pinning down thoughts. Events are hosted quartely for individuals to gather in building up their mind and soul. As these are our core being. Join the Shifted Mind network on socials to receive immediate news and updates. @shiftedmind_ or pop an email insightsbylulun@gmail.com